Renewables Integration

Enabling Widespread Renewable Adoption

The monumental shift toward inherently unreliable and intermittent renewables is rapidly increasing the need for widespread energy storage adoption. Fluidic solutions align renewable generation with demand by shifting renewable generation to peak periods and eliminating disruptions to the grid, thereby providing reliable, continuous power.

Utilities and IPPs

  • Utilities experience more control and confidence in renewable assets. Using Fluidic Energy storage solutions, utilities can store energy from variable, renewable generation sources then discharge that energy where and when needed. This creates an optimal solution that not only accelerates sustainability and carbon reduction objectives, but also ensures grid resiliency. 
  • Fluidic energy storage increases options for Independent Power Producers (IPPs). By providing an IPP the ability to control the use of renewable-generated energy, Fluidic solutions allow IPPs to model, control and successfully participate in additional revenue-generating value streams, increasing the value of their assets.
  • With the ability to scale from kWh to MWh, Fluidic solutions offer flexibility to be deployed where a utility or IPP can optimize its use. Furthermore, through FluidicIQ, the user has full transparency into the health and operation of the system as well as enabling renewable generation assets to confidently participate in additional programs such as demand response and energy pricing arbitrage.  


Vision 2025: Changing Lives

The Fluidic Energy team has rallied around the ambitious goal of delivering electricity to more than 100 million people by 2025. Follow our progress.

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