Critical Power: Failure Is Not An Option

Power outages will happen, but backup power outages should never happen. Lives depend on it. Beginning with national security, military, first-responders, emergency road and utility repair crews, as well as those in hospitals and, most definitely, those directly afflicted by the outage itself. When the power goes out, Fluidic's technology kicks in and will not fail those depending on it for up to 72 hours straight.

Lives Depend On It

Since our first deployment, Fluidic Energy has been fulfilling critical power needs in places where others are unable to. We’ve gone to the most remote regions of the developing world to prove our technology and have made a difference by providing unprecedented levels of reliability and safety.

Today our systems are even more robust: hardened, improved, the most dependable critical power technology platform on the market. So whether you’re delivering electricity to someone for the first time or ensuring someone else doesn’t go without, our technology ensures it’s available when it’s needed.

Be it data centers, critical communication, life support or survival assets, Fluidic's critical power customers have confidence in us. We’ve also experienced power outages and know how it affects you, which is why we firmly believe in what we do. We know we’re not just “changing lives” when the power goes out, we’re saving lives.

Critical Communication

Whether power outages occur during storms, equipment failures or by human error, life goes on. This is why our continuous runtimes for up to 72 hours are so vital, as few critical outages benefit from same day service solutions. Lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, for example, cannot provide this kind of uptime or, at least, not with any meaningful battery life. So don’t just hope your critical power backup will work, have confidence with FluidicIQ and the safest, longest lasting critical backup technology available today. Fluidic Energy solves all your critical communication needs.

Sub-station Backup Power

No utility can operate its grid without reliable substation backup power, which is why considerable time and money is invested in system design, manual checking procedures and frequent maintenance programs. Before now, reliance on lead-acid batteries was the best solution; a practice dating back to the middle of last century – yet their reliability, essentially, are no better today.

But that all changes with Fluidic's technology. No more replacing batteries every 3-5 years, or constantly maintaining electrolyte levels with mechanical float or fill systems. Ours maintain a 100% state of charge without gassing toxic fumes and are ready for deployment. Gone are the annoying concerns and expensive upkeep. With built-in intelligence and real-time monitoring capabilities, our system keeps utility companies abreast of individual battery performance 24/7.

This technology isn’t just reliable, it’s revolutionary – the kind of reliability, transparency, and remote maintenance operation and control you’d expect from 21st century technology. Precisely the kind of peace of mind and system-wide savings that serves our customers best, and their customers in return.

Keeping Offshore Platforms On

Being stationed at sea introduces a whole set of new considerations when selecting backup power. All the more reason to invest in a Fluidic Energy system, where long lasting, reliable and environmentally friendly power are critical.

  • 4-72 hour discharge range
  • 10 years+ discharge life
  • CO2 and noise free
  • No risk of lead contaminating ocean waters
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Remote management
  • Reduce logistics cost offshore



Vision 2025: Changing Lives

The Fluidic Energy team has rallied around the ambitious goal of delivering electricity to more than 100 million people by 2025. Follow our progress.

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