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In developing the lowest-cost, long-duration clean energy storage solution, we innovated a battery with components that have virtually no resale or repurpose value, and telecom operators couldn’t be happier. While runtimes from 4,8,12, even up to 72 hours and near perfect uptime averages are coveted by cell tower owners, what really convinces them is would-be thieves have no desire to steal the battery. You see, Zinc-Air Batteries contain no precious or semi-precious metals, no raw materials of value, and once removed from our system, they will not function. They’re useless to thieves, we’ve validated this through hundreds of sites with no locks installed. Furthermore, the Fluidic Energy systems’ robust attributes and remote monitoring optimally handle harsh telecom environments allowing operators to finally rest assured their backup solutions are available and will turn on.

  • #1 provider of cell tower alternative energy storage systems in Indonesia and Central America
  • Zinc-Air Batteries installed in more than 1,200 sites
  • Replacing lead-acid and diesel gensets in grid-connected sites
  • Delivering 99.5% or higher availability performance
  • 2.5-year pay back on most installations, less than 18-months in high-theft regions
  • 10+ years of life on standby sites
  • Batteries won’t discharge while warehoused
  • No conditioning requirements
  • Fully outdoor with no air-conditioning

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Vision 2025: Changing Lives

The Fluidic Energy team has rallied around the ambitious goal of delivering electricity to more than 100 million people by 2025. Follow our progress.

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