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Fluidic solves energy storage’s historical cost and endurance obstacles, providing long-duration, low-cost storage to enable sustainable microgrids, even in harsh, remote environments that are far from the nearest grid connection. Emerging economies have some of the highest electricity generation costs in the world due to the extensive use of diesel generators, and, given dramatic fluctuation in fuel prices, the cost to provide reliable electricity to vast underserved populations is highly unpredictable.  The significant cost reductions achieved in photovoltaic module production over the past five years have enabled solar to become an economically attractive source of electricity. However, diesel generator fuel and operating costs combined with battery cost and inefficiencies have been constraining large-scale deployment of microgrids...until now. Countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America are now the largest purchasers of solar modules made in China, while only two years ago less than 20% of the annual $14 Billion USD in Chinese solar module exports went to emerging economies [1]. The European Union has recognized the opportunity to transform these emerging economies through the deployment of renewable energy and has announced a plan to build 5 Gigawatts of new renewable energy capacity to provide sustainable energy access to an additional 30 million people by 2025 [2]. Access to secure electricity is essential in these emerging economies, ultimately driving demand for a wide range of goods and services when achieved.

Through localized manufacturing, strategic partnerships (e.g. governments, financial institutions, system integrators), and a whole product solution approach, Fluidic has proven its ability to execute some of the world’s largest off-grid electrification projects. For the first time, people living in remote villages and other far reaches of the developing world have modern, clean electricity. Parents are no longer paying the high price of kerosene so that their children can learn to read. Schools have reliable electricity on cloudy days. And entire communities are no longer being held back economically. Together, we have created a vertically integrated microgrid platform that is eminently repeatable, scalable, and economically viable for large-scale deployments:

  • Modular and scalable turn-key PV powered off-grid power plants with 48+ hours of autonomy
  • Highest grid availability even during extended periods with limited solar irradiance
  • Fully integrated remote monitoring and system management, allowing for preemptive maintenance, low operation & maintenance costs, and highest possible availability
  • Robust operation with no theft issues       


[1] Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Market Frontier Power Market Outlook, April 2017

[2] European Commission, Advancing Renewable Energies in Africa, March 2017





Vision 2025: Changing Lives

The Fluidic Energy team has rallied around the ambitious goal of delivering clean, secure, 24-7 electricity to more than 100 million underserved people by 2025. Follow our progress.

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