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Driving The Energy Storage Revolution

We launched our first international operation in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2011, proving that we could successfully transfer product manufacturing, supply chain sourcing, and other know-how to enable localized manufacturing of our advanced batteries.


Through global manufacturing and financial partnerships, including national governing bodies and local communities, we have successfully developed and implemented projects worldwide over the past 5+ years. As energy generation markets evolve and renewable energy generation continues to gain wider acceptance, Fluidic Energy is in the enviable position of having the proven long-duration systems and global infrastructure to take full advantage of marketplace opportunities.

It begins with our turnkey capabilities. Not only do they apply to PV and Energy Storage power plant solutions, but also to new operations, and our ability to establish them worldwide with minimal capital investment. In fact, local production can be setup at a fraction of the cost required of lead-acid and lithium-ion products

Since local sourcing is a priority in every community and region we serve, we have access to local and regional manufacturers and sub-assembly component suppliers through our global relationships and partners.

Global Flexibility:

  • Turnkey system solutions
  • Local assembly capability
  • Backed by the world’s premiere clean technology investors
  • Only energy storage entity with invested equity from International Finance Corporation
  • Production facilities cost as little as 1/20th of the capital of typical lead-acid or lithium-ion plants
  • Operational with minimal capital investment
  • Global manufacturing, sub-assembly component support 

Operation Community Growth

When Fluidic Energy deploys a system, we don’t just provide electricity to a community, we provide opportunity. The unique design of our system combined with the readily available raw materials used to make it permits us to create local green-tech jobs, build local assembly plants and hire local workers. In addition to providing reliable electricity, we are committed to boosting the local economy and improving the standard of living.

To ensure the local team has the skills to manufacture, manage and maintain our systems, we provide the necessary training and education. As for raw materials and manufacturing components to build our batteries, we procure them locally, if possible, or from the surrounding region. In-country suppliers are the first place we go for metal, mechanical components, electronics, chemistry, and plastics.

Making A Difference Locally:

  • Committed to locally sourced materials
  • Maximize local content
  • Local manufacturing and assembly of key components
  • Employees are locally staffed
  • Employ and train local engineers and technicians
  • Company funded training and skill development
  • Environment - all assembly locations are ISO14001 certified

Revolutionary Power, Powerful Recognition

As the first energy storage company since the 1990’s to successfully commercialize its new technology beyond the pilot stage, Fluidic Energy is also the only company to receive two prestigious ARPA-E grants in the same field from the U.S. Department of Energy – a feat no other energy storage company has earned.

In 2017, Bloomberg New Energy Finance selected Fluidic Energy as one out of only 10 companies to be named a New Energy Pioneer. Also in 2017, Green Innovation and Finance Awards named Fluidic Energy the Fast Growth Champion of the Year.

In 2015, Global Cleantech named Fluidic Energy to its list of the top 100 most innovative and promising companies.  

 Key Breakthroughs:

  • Two-time recipient of the prestigious ARPA-E grant from the U.S. Dept. of Energy
  • Top 100 Most Innovative and Promising Companies of 2015, Global Cleantech
  • 100+ patents filed and hundreds of intellectual property claims
  • First rechargeable metal-air battery
  • First fully-integrated energy storage smart battery
  • First energy storage company to commercialize new technology in two decades
  • Long-life air breathing cathode
  • Patented anode electrode design for rechargable Zinc-Air
  • Electrolyte additives that eliminate zinc dendrites
  • Intelligent 3rd Electrode architecture (OEE)
  • Low cost high volume industrial scale manufacturing


Vision 2025: Changing Lives

The Fluidic Energy team has rallied around the ambitious goal of delivering electricity to more than 100 million people by 2025. Follow our progress.

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