Fluidic is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Home to our research and development, product engineering, key manufacturing, administration, and central network operation center, this location serves as the hub for our international facilities operating worldwide. Unlike the complex manufacturing processes required for lithium ion batteries and the billions of dollars of capital investment required for massive campus-like operations, Fluidic has proven that innovative Zinc-Air battery products can be manufactured in high volume within facilities that require only 1/20th the capital and 1/8th the fully loaded capacity of lithium ion production facilities to achieve breakthrough production costs. This unique capability enables Fluidic to locate battery production in the geographic markets near customers who have high demand for our products, ultimately reducing transportation and tariff costs, creating local jobs, sourcing local content, and dramatically benefitting regional economies. 

Through global manufacturing and financial partnerships, including national governing bodies and local communities, we have successfully implemented production facilities and completed projects worldwide over the past 5+ years. As energy markets evolve and the cost of renewable energy generation continues to fall, Fluidic Energy not only has the enabling technology to drive deeper penetration of renewables into the global energy mix, but also the know-how and ability to scale its operations quickly in a capital-efficient manner. 





Vision 2025: Changing Lives

The Fluidic Energy team has rallied around the ambitious goal of delivering clean, secure, 24-7 electricity to more than 100 million underserved people by 2025. Follow our progress.

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