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Revolutionary Energy Storage

Founded in 2006, Fluidic Energy developed what many in the energy storage industry considered unobtainable; a low cost, long-duration, rechargeable metal-air battery. What became of those early pursuits has proven even more monumental – a whole product solution approach to energy storage enabling and accelerating the evolution to a smarter, cleaner, and more accessible grid.

Our Company

Our story begins at Arizona State University where a team of ambitious researchers set out to invent a rechargeable Zinc-Air Battery. Their goal was to develop a low-cost, environmentally safe and reliable battery capable of outperforming traditional lead-acid and lithium-ion storage products.                        

Considered the least expensive way to store energy from an electron, Zinc-Air technology at that time was limited to small, single-use applications, such as button cells used in hearing aids. Innovating a larger scale, rechargeable Zinc-Air Battery meant filling a void in the marketplace, while the promise of its long-duration capabilities offered a potential catalyst to bring renewable energy mainstream.

Capitalizing on a number of breakthroughs, the Fluidic Energy Team succeeded where others had failed, building the first rechargeable Zinc-Air Battery which contained more energy density than the top lithium-ion battery – and did so for one-third of the cost of lead acid batteries.

Fluidic’s progress, however, did not end there. By integrating advanced intelligence software and controls at the cell level, Fluidic Energy developed a vertically integrated energy storage solution with worldwide remote monitoring and data reporting capabilities. Nothing else in the industry compares to this technology first introduced and deployed in 2011.

Game-Changing Technology

With 100+ patents and more than 100,000 batteries in use around the world, Fluidic Energy is quickly establishing itself as an energy storage solutions leader. 

In fact, our rechargeable, long-duration Zinc-Air energy storage system was the industry’s first new technology to go from the pilot/demo stage to full-scale production in over two decades.

Plus, we're one of the few new energy storage companies to successfully demonstrate its technology in harsh, real-world environments in the last 15 years, providing clean, reliable electricity to customers in mini-grid, telecom, critical power, residential and light commercial markets; ultimately, impacting more than 3 million lives by providing access to affordable, clean and reliable renewable energy.

The Power of Purpose

While it’s accurate to use descriptors such as game-changing, next-generation, innovative or disruptive, the real power of Zinc-Air technology is changing the lives of the world’s 1.2 billion people who remain without any form of electricity – as well as countless others afflicted by unreliable electricity.

Our founders and financial partners understood from the beginning that if widespread adoption of renewable energy was ever going to happen, energy storage had to be affordable and field-tested. Because we solved the longstanding issues of intermittency, renewables are now available 24/7.                         

For the first time, people living in remote villages and other far reaches of the developing world have modern electricity. Parents are reading bedtime stories; no longer paying for the high price of kerosene to do so. Schools have electricity on cloudy days. And fishermen are refrigerating the day’s unsold catch to sell another day.

This is what drives Fluidic's team. Why we enter the communities we serve and establish manufacturing facilities, create jobs and provide training, improving the local economy and quality of life. Simply put, Fluidic Energy has the power to empower. Which is why we unveiled a very public and aggressive goal – our Vision 2025 initiative – of delivering reliable energy to 100 million people currently living without it by the year 2025. 



Vision 2025: Changing Lives

The Fluidic Energy team has rallied around the ambitious goal of delivering electricity to more than 100 million people by 2025. Follow our progress.

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