Real-Time Operational Intelligence


FluidicIQ enables energy storage to reach its full potential by not only capturing real-time battery performance but also energy system performance data that facilitates a better understanding of how the system is providing value and solving key business problems.  The process of maintaining stationary energy storage systems has historically been done with a reactionary “fix on failure” (FOF) approach. Conventional battery systems do not have the capability of auto-detecting an issue with a single cell, let alone an impending anomaly within the system or shifting load requirements that can provide insight into a growing capacity need.  From our central Network Operation Centers, Fluidic technical support teams actively monitor every system deployed worldwide 24-7, perform routine maintenance checks, analyze system performance, and can even provide control commands to an energy storage system from their desks to help an operator avoid the expense of sending a technician to a remote location.

Through a dedicated website, FluidicIQ provides Full Product Performance Transparency (FPPT™), which enables 24-7 access to performance data such as current status, discharge/charge and load variations, as well as fact based warranty information. Local support personnel can access this information directly by connecting into the system onsite. As part of our system analytics, monthly performance reports and service level reports are prepared and distributed to operators, along with periodic business case reviews and site power profile mapping.  FluidicIQ provides a degree of system intelligence, comprehensive reporting, and business analytics that:

  • Enables remote management and operation of the energy storage system from a central command center, improving system reliability, reducing operation & maintenance costs, and significantly improving overall energy security
  • Self-optimizes performance, enhancing reliability while minimizing costs to operate and maintain a robust energy storage system
  • Protects critical assets, enabling operators to stay connected to vital operating information 24-7 with appropriate data policies, firewalls, and encryption to secure important business data


Vision 2025: Changing Lives

The Fluidic Energy team has rallied around the ambitious goal of delivering clean, secure, 24-7 electricity to more than 100 million underserved people by 2025. Follow our progress.

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