As a vertically integrated renewable energy solutions provider, Fluidic Energy not only commercialized the first rechargeable Zinc-Air Battery, but pioneered a new stored energy market as well. By embedding advanced intelligence and remote monitoring capabilities at the cell level, the industry’s first smart battery technology was born – providing you with a level of intelligence, control and transparency that no other storage system offers. Avoid the inefficiencies, constraints and reliability issues that come with piecing a system together, we deliver the energy storage and intelligence seamlessly on a single platform that provides the customer countless advantages.

Real-Time Operational Intelligence

Advanced intelligence plays a critical role in our solution, enter FluidicIQ – the nucleus of intelligent energy storage – our exclusive real-time remote monitoring and control software that is integrated into each Fluidic Energy system deployed.

Simply put, FluidicIQ enables renewable energy storage to reach its full potential. It’s an advanced telemetric suite that captures real-time performance data for a relational database that facilitates a host of health, diagnostic and business intelligence functions. These procedures are conducted under the watchful eye of our central Network Operating Center (NOC) command teams in Scottsdale, AZ, USA and Jakarta, Indonesia. These capabilities establish FluidicIQ as the only smart battery system capable of providing real time, informative, and actionable data for our customers to proactively manage their business and sustainability reporting.

Remote Maintenance, Diagnostics And Repairs

Prior to Fluidic’s breakthrough, maintaining stationary power systems reflected a reactionary mindset, or what industry insiders commonly refer to as “fix on failure” (FOF). You see, conventional network power devices, especially battery systems, do not have the capability of auto-detecting failing health or an impending anomaly within the system that could compromise its use in the time of need.

FluidicIQ revolutionizes this stale status quo. Our embedded intelligence has changed the way telecom and backup power operators, view service and maintenance, foregoing the onsite visitation or FOF approach opting instead for the efficient, preemptive method, which can isolate and address anomalies before encountering an unexpected system shutdown.

From our central command centers, tech support teams actively monitor every system deployed worldwide 24/7. They also perform routine maintenance checks, diagnose system threats – even predicting and correcting them before catastrophic shutdown, as well as making electronic or software repairs from their desks.  Our ability to self-heal batteries remotely reduces our customers’ cost exposure by avoiding the excessive expense of on-site technician support.

When issues arise that require onsite attention, the site owner is contacted (via text or email) with explicit instructions to help them. Oftentimes it’s as simple as changing out a part; if necessary, a local service team is dispatched. Either way, maintaining our system is unquestionably simpler, less worrisome, and less costly than operating lead-acid and lithium-ion systems. The same is true of Fluidic’s operational advantages over diesel gensets.

24/7 Monitoring, Real-Time Reporting

Another industry first is the level of system performance data that we make available to customers. Through a dedicated website customers receive Full Product Performance Transparency (FPPT™), which provides around-the-clock access to performance data, such as current status, discharge/charge and load variations, as well as fat based warranty information. Local support personnel can access this information directly by connecting into the system onsite.

As part of our system analytics, monthly performance reports and service level reporting are prepared and distributed to our customers, along with periodic Business Case Reviews and Site Power Profile Mapping. FluidicIQ provides a degree of system intelligence and comprehensive reporting that no other energy storage provider has replicated all in a simple, user friendly interface.

​FluidicIQ System Advantages:

  • Provides remote monitoring capabilities and programmable, integrated controls intelligence at the cell level
  • Uses cellular connections allowing operators to remotely manage and operate the systems from a central command center, improving system reliability, reducing operations & maintenance costs and significantly improving overall power availability
  • Self-optimizes performance, enhancing reliability and minimizing costs
  • Allows batteries of various ages and impedance to perform within the same string of batteries
  • Eliminates theft, because cells won’t function once removed from the system and contain no valuable raw materials
  • Has modular scalability, adapting onsite from KWh to MWh
  • Tightly controlled data policies strictly govern access to critical assets, information, and data
  • Firewalls and encryptions on all data transfers with monitoring systems that capture any security event


Vision 2025: Changing Lives

The Fluidic Energy team has rallied around the ambitious goal of delivering electricity to more than 100 million people by 2025. Follow our progress.

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