Scalable Modular Systems

The simple and modular architecture of our storage system makes it possible to add and remove power modules as needed to match energy and power demands of each power plant site. Conceptually speaking, adjusting system output is as simple as attaching and detaching modules. Unlike lead-acid and lithium-ion systems, you needn’t replace an entire Fluidic Energy system to add or shrink capacity to keep pace with demand.

One System, Countless Configurations

By developing our own proprietary battery technology, power electronics, and embedded software controls, we innovated a revolutionary energy storage system that is scalable from a few KWh to several MWh, solving numerous logistical and cost-prohibitive impediments to large-scale renewable energy infrastructure.

Flexible onsite scalability without loss of performance is unheard of in energy storage. To upgrade a lead-acid or lithium-ion system, you cannot simply alter its configuration, you must scrap the existing setup, and install a completely new system designed to meet the new demand profile. The cost of providing renewable electricity just skyrocketed, not to mention the amount of time required to replace the old system.

Yet another example of what makes Fluidic’s system game-changing. Keeping pace with new energy demand is as simple as adding or subtracting power modules to your existing setup. Upgrades can be made within days or, for minor issues, the same day.

Outsmarting System Shutdowns

Should a Zinc-Air Battery cell fail, our system automatically compensates for it by managing the power and energy discharged by each cell within a string, maintaining the same high-level of system performance, discounting only the energy from the failed cell. In the rare event you must replace a failed cell, you can simply swap it out for another one. Batteries of varying ages can be installed interchangeably in our system – not so with lead-acid or lithium-ion.

In fact, if a lithium-ion battery fails, the entire system shuts down until that battery is replaced – and then you must replace all the batteries within the string. The lead-acid system won’t shut down, but performance in these systems is limited to the weakest cell. 

Broad Applications, Broad Advantages

Flexibility on this scale, combined with long-duration runtimes, is what the renewable energy industry has long waited for, giving communities, governing bodies, and utility companies the necessary confidence to green light renewable projects.

Fluidic Energy systems provide additional range, energy efficiency, safety, and reliability advantages for many applications, in the most challenging environments – from 48v DC solutions to AC solutions integrated with inverters and renewable sources.



Vision 2025: Changing Lives

The Fluidic Energy team has rallied around the ambitious goal of delivering electricity to more than 100 million people by 2025. Follow our progress.

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