Unparalleled Flexibility

Fluidic has developed a scalable smart battery architecture that is configurable for a broad range of energy storage applications. The system design is scalable for the power and energy requirements of an application and installable in either outdoor enclosures where space is constrained or on standard indoor equipment for large-scale deployments. Unlike conventional batteries, overall system performance is not limited by the performance of the lowest performing cell in a system and battery cells of varying ages can be installed together in a system without degradation of performance.

Our unique modular architecture and embedded intelligence at the cell level enables a Fluidic energy storage system to provide exceptional reliability with virtually unlimited scalability – from kWh DC applications to MWh AC applications integrated with inverters. Today, Fluidic energy storage solutions are providing backup power in critical applications and delivering reliable electricity to millions of people, many of whom have never enjoyed a life with access to reliable electricity. In the future, the scalability of the Fluidic platform will enable vast amounts of renewable energy to be dispatchable, creating a cleaner and more secure energy world for many generations. 



Vision 2025: Changing Lives

The Fluidic Energy team has rallied around the ambitious goal of delivering clean, secure, 24-7 electricity to more than 100 million underserved people by 2025. Follow our progress.

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