Comparing lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries to Fluidic’s Zinc-Air Battery is like comparing sprinters to marathon runners. Both perform the same fundamental activity, yet each releases energy very differently, over different periods of time. Zinc-Air Batteries, like a marathon runner, exert a steady flow of energy over a longer period of time. They’re capable of storing large amounts of energy and discharging it nonstop for 4, 8, 12, or over 72 hours.

World's First Long-Duration Energy Storage Solution

Lowest Cost Of Ownership

Only low-cost, abundantly available raw materials are used to manufacture Zinc-Air Batteries, including the electrodes, electrolyte, and packaging.

Zinc-Air Batteries are sourced, manufactured, and maintained for a fraction of the cost of lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries – with virtually no impact on the environment. Zinc is mined in secure locations throughout the world and global reserves keep raw material costs 15X lower than lithium-ion and 5X lower for lead-acid. With cost advantages like these, Zinc-Air technology is ideal for renewables such as PV that require many hours of energy storage.

Lowest Cost/KWh

With the lowest material cost for long-duration storage we have proven our technology financially viable and performance reliable. Our advancements will make it possible to achieve an energy storage cost below $100/KWh.  

Even better, the average cost will improve incrementally the longer the system operates. Systems are configurable in 4- to 72-hour or more discharges, and the longer the discharge, the better the per KWh cost, ideal for demand response, renewable integration and critical backup power applications.

Zinc-Air Technology Facts:

  • Currently up to 4X longer life than lead-acid and getting longer
  • Low operational expense (Opex) and the low cost per KWh
  • Low levelized cost of energy (LCOE)
  • Compatible with existing 48vDC rectifier assets
  • Replaces diesel gensets to eliminate exposure to rising fuel costs and availability
  • Low-cost service intervals - Ability to self-regenerate to a like-new performance onsite
  • Predictable system life
  • Unmatched safety with no chance of thermal runaway
  • No air-conditioning necessary for system

Sustainability Is In The Zinc-Air

Not only is Zinc-Air technology significant because of its cost and performance, it unlocks the environmental benefits of renewable energy, while eliminating the negative impacts of existing energy storage technologies, such as lead acid.

Materials used in traditional batteries often have a negative impact on health and the environment, while Fluidic Energy uses an aqueous-based electrolyte which is inherently safe and environmentally friendly.

Moreover, since no noble/precious raw materials are used to make Zinc-Air Batteries, their recycling and resale value is virtually nothing, which provides a theft-deterrent to would-be thieves, saving the added expense of replacement and impact on the environment. Plus, once removed from the system, our cells won’t function thanks, in part, to our built-in intelligent controls.

System Benefits:

  • Fully recyclable at end of life
  • No lead, cadmium, mercury, fossil fuels, or other toxic elements
  • No toxic fumes, non-flammable electrolyte, robust to over-charge and under-charge
  • No expensive catalysts or precious metals
  • No thermal runaway
  • Little-to-no recycle or repurpose value; anti-theft deterrent
  • Reduces or removes reliance on diesel gensets and fossil fuels


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